About Kirpal

For over 30 years years, Kirpal (pronounced kear-paul) has been helping people from all walks of life manifest their dreams.

Kirpal grew up in a family where folk magic and communicating with animals was a part of everyday life. Her grandmothers – one a British Celtic healer, the other a Mexican “curandera” – helped and encouraged her to hone her natural gifts. They taught her the art of reading tea leaves, tarot cards, and crystal balls. In addition, she was instructed on the proper way to make candles and apply oils and herbs.  During her childhood in Canada, her Irish/Welsh grandfather also taught her the secrets of communication

In her twenties she landed a public relations job in Hollywood, where she encountered many show business personalities at the beginning of their careers.  She shared her intuitive abilities, gifts and knowledge with many of the up and coming hopefuls. Shortly after those who heeded her advice started landing “star-making roles” and their lives began turning around – her phone began ringing off the hook. But the calls had nothing to do with public relations. Word had gotten out and “friends of friends” were asking for her help and advice with their own careers, lives, and businesses.

Facing a proverbial “crossroad,” Kirpal left the world of public relations and opened Objets d’Art and Spirit, where she continues to share her advice and council with those who seek her out.

“Magic does work,” she explains. “But only if you are in the right accord and give thanks to the Goddess or Spirit.”

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