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  • Archangel Gabriel


    This statue is a breathtaking depiction of the Archangel Gabriel. The flowing hair embraces an open face with rosy cheeks and soulful eyes. Gabriel is God’s messenger in the world and is also referred to as God’s strength. Archangel Gabriel appears in the holy texts of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Catholicism as well as Coptic, Ethiopian and The Latter Day Saints. Connect with God’s message for you and the strength you need by having this on your home altar.

  • Archangel Michael


    Saint Michael the Archangel is found in the traditions of Judaism, Islam, Christianity and Catholicism. Under these he is referred to as Michael, Saint Michael and Michael, the Archangel and in the Eastern Orthodox as Michael the Taxiarch. Common to the variety of names is that Michael is a protector and fights against evil. This comes from the story that Michael led the band of angels who cast Lucifer from Heaven. This beautiful sculpture of Michael stands atop what appears to be a man with a ribbed spine but is in fact Lucifer in the process for turning into the Devil. Michael raises his mighty sword above in a gesture of domination of good over evil.

    This sculpture although reminiscent of the Spanish colonial art is a 20th-century piece made in Peru. The artist is unknown. The face of Michael is radiant and beautiful and has flowing dark hair. This is one of three Archangel pieces, (a fourth is already in a collection), the other two available are Archangels Gabriel and Uriel.

  • Archangel Uriel


    Uriel is recognized as an archangel by the Coptic Christians of Ethiopia, Anglican, Byzantine Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and in Judaism. Archangel Uriel is the bringer of knowledge and is called upon to help with the study of the Torah.. The sculptor of our beautiful statue of Uriel captures the angel’s love of God in the statue’s eyes which are raised towards the heavens in a tribute to Uriel being the one who brings the knowledge of God to humankind.

  • Faithful Friend Statue


    The Pet Memorial Angel  has the phrase “In loving memory of a faithful friend” inscribed on it’s base. The angel holds either a kitty or a doggie, memorializing our beloved companion in life. Please specify dog or cat on your order. Sorry no color preference available. Nameplate not available . This is not an urn.

  • Madonna and Child Statue

    An exquisite Madonna and Child Statue from the latter part of the 20th century. Price upon request

  • Madonna Santo Guatemala Statue


    In this beautiful hand carved wooden folk art Madonna from Guatemala, The Madonna is interrupted through the eyes and by the hands of an unknown Guatemalan folk artist’s indigenous vision of the Catholic Virgin of Conception.

  • Oshun Statue


    Oshun is the Santeria Goddess of Love. Our sensuous statue reflects her beauty and allure. Oshun is more than just beauty, she is the mystic who brought divination by cowrie shells. She temps by song, dance and chants taught her by her father Obatala. She also has the power of prosperity. Let our bountiful Oshun statue grace your altar and bring to you all she has to offer.

  • Oya Statue


    Oya is a fierce and powerful female warrior in Santeria who is a force of change in lives and in nature. She rules the marketplace and the cemetery. Our statue of Oya embodies her ferocity in how she holds  her machete high which can be wielded for protection or battle. In her other hand she hold the iruki. Her skirt of nine colors represents her nine stillborn children, it’s flow reflects her power of the winds and air. The energy of this Oya statues resonates the feel of the storms she often rides into battle.

  • Roman Angel


    A New 1997 limited edition Ariel/ Rosemary angel by Roman . A highly prized collectible

  • Santo Saint Anthony Statue


    Guatemalan Folk art hand carved wooden Santo of Saint Anthony, the patron of a good and faithful husband and the finder of lost things. (hmm!?!?) Saint Anthony is composed of three pieces and his habit hand-painted blue. This statue is from the latter part of the twenty century and is roughly hand carved by an unknown Guatemalan folk artist.

  • St Francis and  the Wolf


    A beautiful statue of one of the lesser known stories about Saint Francis . A vicious wolf terrorized the livestock and people of an Umbrian town until Saint Francis in his great compassion struck a deal with the wolf to be kind to the people and their livestock and in the people in turn would show kindness and concern for the wolf. Saint Francis and the Wolf is the ultimate symbol of the peace and brotherhood embodied in this statue where Saint Francis touches his heart bringing the loving energy through his other hand to the mouth of the wolf. The wolf transformed by Saint Francis’ love nuzzles this hand and compassionately looks lovingly up at Saint Francis as the Saint looking kindly downward at the wolf. Our statue is reminder to us all to be caring and compassionate and to be the instrument of peace as Saint Francis was and we can be.